Father’s Day is here again

I do like Father’s Day, it’s so nice for the dad’s to feel special. My partner does just as much for Hallie as I do, from the start we have tried to keep it quite equal. I think it can be quite difficult in the beginning for the Dad’s, especially with breastfeeding, as that can take up a lot of the time and clearly the Mum is mainly involved in that. Mum’s can be so focused on bonding with the baby themselves, that they forget the Dad also needs that chance to bond, but there are plenty of other tasks the Dad’s can do (nappy changing for one haha).

It can be annoying when people say I am lucky that Matt is so good, not because I don’t want him to be given praise, but because we are an equal partnership, we went into this parenting journey together, equally, as Giovanna Fletcher put it so well earlier ‘he is one half of a parenting team’.

We are a great team and we truly are disorganised harmony.


I am not the perfect Mum and he is not the perfect Dad, but we are guiding each other through parenting and having a lot of fun along the way. We are taking it as seriously as it needs to be taken, with out it being too serious, and I think that’s the key. We have learnt/are learning chill. Nobody can be chilled with a newborn, it’s just freaking impossible. I wish I had written down all the crazy worst case scenarios that went through my head so I could have a good laugh at them now. I feel like one parent learns chill before the other (Dad’s I am kinda looking at you) and this can lead to…tension…this springs to mind…


But again, that’s just part of the journey of parenting together.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dadda’s out there x

Official Blogger for Female Entrepreneur Week 21 – 28 June 2017

I usually separate my blog life and my work life (slightly), so when the opportunity came up to blog for Female Entrepreneur Week, I thought i was a great opportunity to bring them together. 

I started my business, CloudShed, over 3 years ago. We help companies move to ‘The Cloud’ and ‘Go Google’.  If you would like to see more about my business you can head over to http://www.cloudshedtraining.co.uk

Lots of mummies (& daddies) out there are entrepreneurs. Some were entrepreneurs before their babies came, and some become one in order to fit around your family life. Either way it is something worth celebrating! Sorry guys this one is for the ladies…

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Female Entrepreneur Week launches on the 21st of June 2017 and over the course of 10 days, female entrepreneurs from across the globe will be coming together virtually to celebrate FEW!

Led by 6 inspiring entrepreneurs, participants will get access to specialist tutorials, tools and training to help them start and grow their business.

Meet The FEW Crew
Over the course of FEW, participants will have access to the following training
  1. Pump Up Your Profits: Turn your dreams of consistent $5k months into your business reality – with Business Coach, Nadia Finer.
  2. Connect With Your Ideal Client – your first steps to selling – with Laura Robinson, digital copywriter & founder of The Worditude CluB
  3. Scale up – Leverage your time and expertise with a membership site – with Colin Pal from Thinkific.
  4. Be the Boss of Your Business Finances – with Jo Simpson, founder of the Financial Growth Academy.
  5. TUES 27 Become An Influencer – Develop your reputation as an expert using PR – with PR Coach & founder of The Publicity Program Becs Miller
  6. Build A Buzz – Use Facebook ads to attract an audience and new customers – with Facebook ads guru Caroline Wood
  7. Branding Essentials with graphic designer and founder of Designta Louise Clark.
Readers can sign up to FEW and access the free training and resources here:
www.femaleentrepreneurweek.com. So go sign up and enjoy!
Looking forward to chatting with you all about it over the next FEW weeks 🙂
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