Harrogate for Bank Holiday Weekend?

It is nearly the Bank Holiday YAY! Hang on, where can we go with our kids?

We have decided to head to Harrogate and here is why…

Where do we stay? We like the Hotel Du Vin

  • It has great size rooms with baths for the little ones
  • They provide lovely travel cots
  • They have lots of different spaces you can sit and have a drink, if you want to be away from others.
  • They have great deals on Hotels.com
  • There is a SPA! Surely you can squeeze in one treatment?

Where do we eat? There are so many places to eat in Harrogate, and lots of them are child friendly.

  • Vivido (Italian), great prices, nice food and very child friendly. The waitresses even walked my toddler up and down while we ate.
  • Bettys is a must! Their afternoon tea is lovely (especially if you get the fizz), the kids menu is also delicious and has a kid friendly atmosphere with crayons and colouring books etc. The winner for me is the toilets – they have a playpen! So you can quickly pop for a wee, or sort the nappy etc out without trying to balance them on the changing table! Winner. Bettys_Tearoom_Harrogate_DSCN0835_WC.jpg
  • Also there are the usual quick eats such as Wagamama, Nando’s, Pizza Express, Jamie’s Italian etc.

What do we do? There are lots of things to do in Harrogate and the surrounding areas

  • Mother Shipton’s Cave – I haven’t been here but we are going this weekend, my partner went as a child and said it was fun! So I shall let you know.436495_133c11a6
  • Spirit of Harrogate – if you get some childfree time do some gin tasting here
  • The Royal Pump Rooms – Might be a bit smelly but it won’t take too long and worth a look.
  • There are lots of places near by, climbing walls, swimming baths, tree climbing, castles and not too far is York Maze. Make sure you head to tourist information near the Royal Pump Rooms for more ideas!

Harrogate is such a beautiful and historical place. It never seems too busy (apart from Bettys sometimes 🙂 ) and is a lovely place for a family to visit.

FEW is coming to an end…

We are nearly at the end of Female Entrepreneur Week, it has flown by. Each day there has been video’s with interesting content, from different entrepreneurs. The links get sent out daily and you can watch and take part at your leisure, which is great for us busy entrepreneurs!

FEW Blogger Badge

I have had two highlights this week, mainly because they apply more to me than the others, and I feel like I have taken something away from them.

  1. FEW Day 4 – Online Courses. Miranda Lievers, COO at Thinkific, taught us about online courses. My business CloudShed trains users on G Suite and Cloud products. We do these via Google Hangout’s (Google’s video call feature) for clients, but I wanted to be able to aim these at a wider audience and didn’t know what platform to use for this. I hadn’t heard of Thinkific and now I am very interested in knowing more, it sounds like the perfect platform for us to market and sell our courses. It might be one of our missing pieces.
  2.  FEW Day 6 – Do Facebook ad’s freak you out? Caroline Wood talked us through Facebook ad’s and how to use them in a cost effective way. I found this really interesting as I feel I have gone into it blindly and spent a bit of money here and there. Caroline showed a couple of models on the process we should be using and where we should be spending our budget. Brilliant.

It has been great to see people’s questions and where they are at with their businesses, and just to come together and share what we are all doing.

I look forward to the next one…

 If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look!